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People Management

& Development


Conveniently outsource your human resources needs and development processes from the entry stage (recruitment) to the exit stage by our team of HR and Human Capital Management professionals. We will be involved at your sourcing, recruitment, placement, training and development, and exit management stages.

HR Recruitment & Outsourcing

HR Business ''Not As Usual''

Reduce your HR administrative workload and focus more on achieving your core business goals with our HR recruitment and outsourcing function. Our recruitment services cut across all sectors supported by a over 100 sector specific experts and professionals. Furthermore, outsource your payroll, training function, customer services center and .....

Human Capital Management and Development

Maximizing Human Capital - Powering Business Success.

Our analytical planning and forecasting techniques, help our clients assess their staffing needs, fit them to organization needs and future business goals both in the long-term and short- term from a project perspective. We further support your training and capacity ....

Inspiring Revenue Growth through

Human Resources

Institutional and

Business process



Steadman Globals process transformation services are backed by data and drive measurable improvements in our clients’ operational performance. Like all of our consulting services, our process transformation advice is empirically grounded in our industry leading bench marking and best practices database, built on more than 16,500 bench marking engagements that our professionals and associates have conducted with major public and private companies around the world.

Institutional Reviews, Transformation & Change Management

Aligning public institutions, internal policies and processes for improved performance. 

We develop, review and design organizations to reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health. We go beyond ''lines and boxes'' to define decision rights, accountability, internal governance, and linkages. Our design solutions help clients manage complexity and global scale to ensure sustained performance.

Our designs focus management attention on

the strategic priorities and critical operations of each business unit, region, or product....

Business Process Reviews and Re-engineering

Inspiring revenue growth through business process transformation and change management

We are able to empirically identify world-class performance across a wide range of functions and processes. Further, we have identified more than 2,800 best practices, across nearly 100 process areas, that drive world-class performance. With Steadman Global as your process transformation partner, you can be confident that you’re getting advice based on a long track record of proven, measurable results. Our process transformation and performance optimization consulting services, for specific business process re-engineering  needs like Human Resources, Finance, procurement and logistics management, client services,  IT information systems .....

Strategy Development

&  Re-alignment

''Helping Businesses keep

up with  Global Planning 

Trends And Best Practices''.


Globalization, technological change, and growing economic interconnections are challenging traditional strategy approaches. Yet, a strategy is more necessary than ever. The frequency and speed with which leadership positions change are increasing and the performance gap between winners and losers is widening. To beat those trends, we assist you to analyze, understand, and design competitive strategies to assist you to adapt to, a much broader range of strategic environments, each requiring distinct approaches and capabilities.

Business Strategy and Performance Management

Enabling Your Business...

We design responsive, radical cost innovations to address rapid changes in the business and technology environment while capitalizing on shifting value like never before. Our business strategy portfolio details how we develop and deliver highly-calibrated, data-driven strategies that beat the market in the midst of disruption, change and the need for innovation and absorbed risk. 

Strategic Management and Development

Inspiring Revenue Growth through Business Process Transformation and Change Management

We have been helping the biggest businesses across multiple industries navigate dynamic and transitional business and industry environments. Our experienced team will work with your company to develop a successful new strategy, analyze customer data, design targets and outcomes targeted at improving performance using our strategy, commercialization, and performance-based solutions.

''Realizing At-most Value for Money''.




Steadman Global is committed to increasing impact and value for money of policies and projects by helping organisations to adopt results-based and evidence-driven approaches. Our M&E services are end-to-end, from needs assessment and analysis of existing business processes through M&E system design, user group training, and support to system roll-out. We also offer quality assurance and control review services. Our monitoring and evaluation area uses results based monitoring and evaluation system that uses a 10-point evaluation tool that even creates a sustainable M&E unit within a project or an organization, if it is so desired. We also undertake performance reviews and evaluations.

Social-Economic Research & Development Studies

''With extensive experience designing and implementing national 
and sub-national surveys.''

We work with all the main types of survey methods in nearly every sector including agriculture, demography, education, enterprise, governance, income and expenditure, public health, security, and social protection. Following rigorous Data Quality Assurance guidelines, we deliver and analyse high integrity data sets. Our game-changing survey, monitoring, evaluation and analytical methods are proven globally. Zealous about data quality, our team delivers accurate, understandable, objective evidence. In addition to our other portfolio of services: Operational Research, Social and Economic Research e.g. Periodic Statistics (customized requests), Public Opinion Polls. Our portfolio also conducts Market and Industrial Research

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

Your Partner at establishment, Implementation, Monitoring and Closure.

We hold a firm base in project formulation, management, and appraisal given our Competitiveness and a strong team of Project management Experts. We will appraise your project against the company’s required returns. We will design and manage our client’s projects, define your working methodologies and ensure that they are 100% implementable and able to achieve the objectives for which they are started. Steadman also offers a framework for rapidly evaluating SME dynamics and prospects forcost-effective intervention. 

We review projects across various sectors, assess their structural abilities, analyze their competitive mechanisms, and identify their bottlenecks with an objective to identify opportunities and threats against their development.

''Moving Together for Development''

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