Delivering Projects in Over 13 Key Economic Sectors.

Ongoing Projects
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Delivering Projects in

over 13 Key Economic Sectors.

Projects and Industries

We are a seamless professional services firm, cutting across cultural and geographical Public, private and development industry frontiers including; health, governance and accountability, energy, banking and finance, Communications and media, Technology, agriculture, Mining and Hospitality cutting across

Our client centric services are defined by quality, exceptional advice in; Strategic management, Institutional Development, Capacity Building, Change Management, Human Resource and Human Capital management services, Business Outsourcing, Recruitment services, Leadership and Training, Talent Management, Policy development, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Business Process design, Re-engineering and Organization.

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Management Consulting Services

  • Business Strategy Specialists

  • Human Capital Management specialists

  • Public Financial Management  specialists

  • Institutional and Organisational Development Specialists

  • Capacity Building Specialists

  • IT & Information systems Experts 

  • Business Process Review Specialists

  • Specialized Auditors.

  • Risk Management and Advisory Specialists

  • Infrastructure Development Experts

  • Communications Specialists

  • Audio Visual Content Development

Steadman Global has worked with a number clients and these include;

  • Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies

  • Non Profit Organizations

  • Donor-funded projects.

  • Public Sector Enterprises

  • Private Sector Enterprises

  • Local Governments

  • International Organisations

  • Multi-National Development Agencies

  • Multi-national corporations

  • Schools and Hospitals

Development Business Services.

  • Development Economists

  • Statisticians

  • Project Management Professionals

  • M&E Specialists

  • Researchers

  • Human Rights & Governance specialists

  • Agribusiness and Value Addition Specialists.

  • Trade and Tourism Experts

  • Industry Development Specialists.

  • Public Health and Nutrition Specialists.

  • Climate Change, Disaster Risk and Recovery Specialists

  • Water and Sanitation Specialists

  • Gender Specialists. 

Sector Experience and Expertise. 

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  • Public Administration

  • Natural Resources and Energy 

  • Agribusiness and Fisheries

  • Education and Health

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Public Infrastructure and Transport

  • Telecommunications & Media

  • Tourism, Trade & Industry.

  • Governance and Accountability 

  • Human Rights and Justic

  • Health and Sanitation. 

  • FM-CG Consumer & Industrial Products and Services

Steadman Global offers consultancy services in Africa, Asia and Middle East. The company is currently offering consultancy services for one of our clients in the development of the Audio-Visual content strategy in Uganda. We are also handling the development and implementation of an organizational performance framework with another client in East Africa. In addition to this Steadman Global has handled various projects in countries which include; Ethiopia, Lesotho, Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda among others. These projects have increased and improved employee experiences and also given them more exposure.