We hold a firm base in project formulation, management, and appraisal given our Competitiveness and a strong team of Project management Experts. We will appraise your project against the company’s required returns. We will design and manage our client’s projects, define your working methodologies and ensure that they are 100% implementable and able to achieve the objectives for which they are started.

Steadman also offers a framework for rapidly evaluating SME dynamics and prospects for cost-effective intervention. We review projects across various sectors, assess their structural abilities, analyze their competitive mechanisms, and identify their bottlenecks with an objective to identify opportunities and threats against their development. Our staff is affiliated to the worldwide leader in project management activities – the Project Management Institute. We apply well-tested project management tools, techniques and project planning tools like PRINCE, MS Project in the project management activities. Our project analysis models have also been proven globally with clear impacts on the development of these various sectors e.g. Public Health, Energy, Finance, Water, and Sanitation etc.

Is your project delivering on time and within quality expectations? Are your clients happy with the service they are receiving? How could you improve performance and delivery? How could the project be scaled-up? Are you able to report accurately on project performance? Kimetrica’s Operational Performance Evaluation (OPE) service works with clients to answer these types of questions.

We provide practical recommendations so that you can improve delivery and increase the quality and reliability of reporting to donors and other stakeholders. Steadman often conducts OPE alongside Impact Evaluation. We have worked with projects ranging from natural resource management to education to health service delivery.

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We define, identify, predict, evaluate and assist our clients to develop strategies to mitigate the biophysical social, and other relevant effects of development projects prior to major decisions being taken and commitments made. we support decision makers to account for environmental values in their decisions and to justify those decisions in light of detailed environmental studies and public comments on the potential environmental impacts of the projects.