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Maximizing human capital -
powering business success.

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Aligning your human capital needs with your Growth and Performance goals. 

20,000+   Outsourced Employees and Staff.

2000+  Virtual Online Staff Managed. 

60+ Clients Supported. 

We develop, review and design organizations to reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen both short- term performance and long-term organizational health.

We go beyond ''lines and boxes'' to define decision rights, accountability, internal governance, and linkages. Our design solutions help clients manage complexity and global scale to ensure sustained performance.Our designs focus management attention on the strategic priorities and critical operations of each business unit, region, or product—be it international expansion, cost- cutting, environmental change or growth.

Using robust approaches, we rigorously assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization and design a robust new structure. Our unique implementation approach helps our clients quickly realize the economic value determined by the redesign.

Our diagnostic tools highlight areas where the organization presents challenges, which might lie in its structure, linkages to strategy, value creation, performance improvement goals, accountability, enterprise collaboration, or culture, and help define criteria to guide the design process, create checks on critical questions such as the optimal business-unit structure; the role of the corporate center and shared services; and people or institutional capabilities needed to perform pivotal roles.

Other Service Lines..

  • Business process reviews

  • Organization design

  • Leadership & change

  • Talent management

  • Organisational behavior and culture assessment

  • Institutional analysis and assessment,

  • Organisational capacity assessment & planning

  • Institutional change management