'Through a transformation program, a leading government agency in Lesotho improves institutional efficiency, staff motivation, and Performance. '

In response to increased demand for its services, a government agency transformed its organization—resulting in better operational performance and higher levels of employee engagement.

''Our consultants and experts have helped some of the  world's leading national, regional, and local government institutions in addressing  most pressing client specific managerial challenges and enabling them to better fulfill their  mission to the public.''


''A leading Pediatric HIV/AIDS Agency Rallies Employees Around New Strategic Orientation.''

In the process of developing a new strategic plan, the organization unified a fragmented employee base and re- energized its teams to embrace the organization's new strategic orientation


''Employee equity and fairness in an energy sector institution in Uganda Strengthened.''

A change in the institutions staffing and structural needs warranted a job analysis and re-evaluation to re-align all jobs and their true value. This resulted in better staff motivation and performance

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